Ultimate Dinning Experience

Taverna La Fenice was born and developed in symbiosis with the theater “La Fenice”: The tavern is indeed adjacent to the entrance of the theater from which artists got on the stage.

From the foundation of the theater, Taverna La Fenice has been a meeting place, where it is possibile to enjoy a dinner or a cocktail with the background of lyrical songs. The place becomes a restaurant in 1860, but was best known for the corner bar open until late at night.

In 2012 finally the management passes to us, beginning the new phase for this institution, by changing the character and keeping it in a constant evolution, but never forgetting our origins. Today the Tavern is an attractive and refined alternative, where you can enjoy traditional and healthy recipes as well as drink just a great glass of red wine.

The cuisine is based primarily on Venetian traditions, undoubtedly tending to meat but there are fish recipes or various based on vegetables of the islands. Each recipe is kept intact according to tradition but regularly enriched by elements that vary according to the season and this is why our menu can not be defined as static, but changes about 6 times each year. We give space to our inspiration always inventing new combinations using all that our land provides us:game, asparagus, radish, fish truffles with a unique premise: freshness and quality. During the winter, an appointment not to be missed is the tea & chocolate time: a refined selection of blends accompanied by patisserie, a tradition for which Venice enjoys worldwide fame.